Monthly Workshops Held the Second Tuesday of each month

  • Workshops include presentation of educational information and materials based upon subject matter driven by our membership and voted upon by the Board of Directors at the beginning of each fiscal year – Different experts provide information each month
  • Workshops provide time each month for parents, advocates, teachers, and people with developmental disabilities to network with each other
  • Workshops provide for the introduction of new information about subject matter that affect our population in a timely manner

Advocacy and Public Policy

  • ExOPS seeks to establish a support council to assist parents in individual consultation for the following areas:
  • Attendance at IEP/IFSP Meetings with the public school system to enhance the dialog between families and teaching staff
  • Attendance at Support Coordination Meetings to assist with articulation of individual needs
  • Attendance at Annual ISP Meetings to assist client in choosing services that coordinate with their individual needs
  • Provide referrals for Legal Assistance
  • Provide referrals for Psychological services ExOPS provides for daily individual consultation for people with Developmental Disabilities to assist with:
  • Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Appeals following denial of SSI
  • Application for Medicaid waiver funding (MRWP waiver)
  • Appeals following denial of MRWP waiver
  • Location of services to support people with Developmental Disabilities
  • ExOPS provides annual representation at Legislative Sessions in order to gather new Legislative action information that affects the standard of living for individuals with Developmental Disabilities
  • ExOPS supports the Unlock the Waiting List Campaign by providing manpower to deliver important information to our Legislators
  • ExOPS provides important materials to update people on Legislative action
  • ExOPS provides and annual meeting with our local Legislators to better acquaint them with our issues and their constituents with Developmental Disabilities

Facilitation of Fayette County Service Providers

  • Developmental Disabilities Ministry / High Hope Group Home
  • Hands For Hire / Day Support and Pre-Vocational Training Program

Provision of Recreational and Social Events

  • Summer Luau
  • Socialization and Behavior Management Summer Program
  • Christmas Party

Collaboration and Inclusion with Community Organizations

  • Special Olympics
  • Line Creek Civitans and the Camp Big Heart Summer Program
  • Community Integration and Networking
  • Fayette County Special Needs Task Force
  • Southside Supporters
  • Fayette FACTOR